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It’s a Dirty Game: Memoirs of a Hustler

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WARNING: It’s Uncut Game that’s being Disseminated throughout this book.

It’s a Dirty Game: Memoirs of a Hustler is an urban masterpiece laced with timeless game for the ages. It chronicles the life experience of KP, a legendary figure from the wicked and treacherous streets of the murder capital of the world…CHICAGO! This book gives a first-hand account of how a good boy went bad when presented with the opportunity to make some quick money.

I will explore with you the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the “Dope Game”. I will take you on a journey that will make you smile, laugh, cringe, and cry. I will share with you unbelievable stories touching on every aspect of The Game. It’s an adventurous ride that displays a blueprint to fortunes and how to navigate the perils that come along with the lifestyle I chose.

This book will come to life right before your eyes. Come enjoy the mindset of a successful criminal. One who started with nothing and then obtained everything The Game had to offer. My candor is unmatched and my wits and word play are second to none. Trust, believe, and know this book will deliver an insightful look into my world; The World of a Baller. My stories are raw and real and not fantasy. I will dispel the myths that are associated with The Game and at the same time captivate your mind with the “actual factuals” on how it really goes down in these streets. REAL TALK!

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