Keith “KP” Presley

Keith “KP” Presley Is a renaissance man that hails from Chicago’s southside. His front row seat to Chicago style hustler influences, uniquely positioned him to excel in academics, sports, Greek life, and social settings. By the time he arrived on the campus of Eastern Illinois University, he was perfectly prepared and positioned for next-level challenges. Eventually, he drifted into a battle that few survive. His drive to be the supreme champion that his environment influenced, made him unsatisfied with the acquisition of the symbolic American Dream. He competed for the ultimate prize, the idea that he could completely own himself and his life. It’s a Dirty Game chronicles the battles, bruises, gains, glory, and lessons of one man’s navigation of systems and environments, and exposes in unapologetic clarity and truth, the exorbitant cost of freedom. KP now resides in Chicago with his spouse and 3 kids. He currently works as an author and the Director of Business Development for Bigger Than Life Entertainment. His quest to achieve ultimate freedom continues, and his drive for success remains. KP is more than your average “ghetto superstar,” he is an icon. His heart for community and willingness to give free game, solidifies his position as a leader of the century.

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